Frequently Asked Questions - Social Signals

Q: What are Social Signals
A: SEO experts know well about social signals and their important role in Google ranking. Social signals are Facebook shares, Google plus followers, Twitter followers. These signals help to get direct traffic to your website. Is your website still not indexed by search engines? It’s time to get indexed. Yes, these signals have great power to get your website indexed and these signals are come from real social accounts. Importance of Social Signals When your website gets shared on a popular social media fan page and your website get more targeted traffic and your Alexa rank will increase. As well as it increases your daily webpage visitors. Everyone has social media account today to share information instantly. So you should take the advantage of social networks to increase your brand visibility. Popularity is directly proportional to conversion rate. When your website has high popularity and your website conversion rates will increase. Regularly update your new offers and new posts on social media sites and engage your audience as much possible.
Q: When will the Social Signal campaign start?
A: Instant! We start your Social Signal campaign right after you placed the order. You get a link to a detailed reporting site.
Q: What is Drip Feed delivery?
A: We create the Social Signals day by day. For example you order 100 Social Signals with a Drip Feed of 10 Days your URL will receive 10 Social Signals each day.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept PayPal only.
Q: I have an adult website, can I order from you?
A: No! We do not share adult or illegal content through our Social Media Accounts.
Q: Can you speed up the delivery of social signals?
A: Sure, just enter 1 day as Drip Feed. Then all Social Signals are generated at the same day.
Q: I do not have any social share buttons embedded on my site, can I still order?
A: Yes you can. There is no need for any Social Signal buttons on your site.
Q: Is there any risk of my website getting penalized by your service?
A: No! There is no risk at all to get banned or penalized by using Social Signals. You are 100% safe!
Q: How long will it take to complete my order?
A: We instantly start working on your order. The deliver time depends on your Drip Feed.
Q: How to increase Social Signals?
A: This is easy. Just choose a Social Signal package or set up up a custom package to your needs. Then pay the order and wait for the Social Signals to arrive.
Q: Will you Drip Feed delivery?
A: Yes, you can choose the Drip Feed for every package.
Q: Do you do custom packages?
A: Yes. You can set up your custom package here: Custom Social Signals
Q: Will I get detailed report?
A: Yes. We set up a very detailed reporting site just for your order.

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